If for any reason you find it necessary to rehome your Leo please do not feel embarrassed by contacting us, we have far more experience in our breed than rescue kennels/homes, and any online groups, services.
We can offer you support and sometimes help you temporarily until your circumstances change, we are completely non judgemental and confidential in all our approaches. We are understanding, friendly and would never condemn your reasoning. We work with lots of breeders and sometimes that should be your first port of call but understand completely if this is not feasible or desirable. We will talk to you about any possible options, at the same time sharing your emotions and sadness. Please call us for a chat.

Dogs come into our lives to teach us about happiness and love, they depart from our lives to teach us about grief and loss. A new dog will never replace an old dog, but it will fill that empty gap and expand your heart. If you have loved many dogs, your heart is very big, and full of happy memories.

If you don’t mind muddy paws, dirty floors and walls, hairy clothes and carpets, having mouthfuls of water deposited in your lap, a re-designed garden and holes in your lawn but have lots of time to play and train and you can offer unconditional love then a Leonberger may be the breed for you.
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